Facials & Brows

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    We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. Before each appointment, Amanda will analyze the skin and brows to ensure the best treatment possible and address any concerns or questions you may have about your treatments. 

  • Facial


    Hydrating Facial - $80

    Custom Vitamin C Facial - $90

    Anti-Acne Facial - $80

    High Frequency - $100

    High Frequency add on - $25

    The perfect treat for your skin, facials can help you address your skin concerns!

  • Peels & Extractions

    Acne Peel - $140

    Wrinkle Lift Peel - $140

    Extractions - $50

    Perfect if you would like to clean out and minimize the appearance of pores. Peels gently remove the top layer of skin to reveal the fresh smooth skin underneath. 

  • Beauty Treatment


    Dermaplaning - $80

    Add on to a facial - $40

    A gentle exfoliation that uses a thin blade to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz hairs giving you a smooth soft face. This procedure does not cause hair to grow back thicker.

  • Collagen Therapies

    Micro needling (single session) - $200

    Package deals for 4 or more sessions.

    Nano Infusion Therapy - $100

    Boost your skins collagen production with minimally invasive collagen therapies designed to make your skin look glowy and plump!

  • Permanent Eyebrows Makeup


    Microblading - $300 

    Price includes 4-6 week follow up and touch up

    Want to make your brows look fuller and more defined? Then microblading is for you. Amanda will expertly map your brow shape and custom mix your perfect color.

  • Waxing


    Brows - $15

    Upper Lip - $10 

    Side Burns - $10

    Brow Henna Tint - $40

    Brow Glaze - $40

    Facials are the perfect time to get a touch up on your regular wax! Quick and easy to do with minimal pain.

  • Model Applying Cream


    Micro needling 4 sessions - $600

    Micro needling 6 sessions -$800

    Consult required, recommendations for treatment will be made on an individual basis